Amita’s Xpress Spa is delighted to offer a highly sought-after and transformative beauty solution – our Microblading service in Rochester. Our team of expert aestheticians is well-versed in the art of Microblading, ensuring that every client receives precisely tailored results. Whether you desire fuller, more defined brows, or you want to fill in sparse areas, our Microblading service offers a semi-permanent solution that saves you time and effort.

Benefits of Microblading Service

Microblading offers a plethora of benefits that make it a highly sought-after beauty treatment. First and foremost, it provides perfectly shaped and defined brows, enhancing your overall appearance. It’s a time-saving solution, eliminating the need for daily makeup application, and ensuring you wake up with stunning brows.

Microblading service is also semi-permanent, offering long-lasting results that can endure for up to two years, saving you both time and effort. Moreover, it can boost your confidence, as well-defined brows beautifully frame your face, enhancing your natural beauty. Overall, Microblading service is a transformative procedure that offers a convenient and confidence-boosting solution for flawless eyebrows.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Amita’s Xpress Spa for your Microblading needs because we prioritize your safety, satisfaction, and stunning results. We use only top-quality pigments and adhere to the highest industry standards, guaranteeing a safe and satisfying experience. Our commitment to excellence extends to creating semi-permanent results that save you time, reduce daily makeup routines, and boost your confidence with perfectly framed, long-lasting brows. Trust us for this life-changing beauty enhancement and say hello to effortlessly beautiful eyebrows.



Our Process

Our Microblading process at Amita’s Xpress Spa is a meticulously crafted journey that guarantees perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows, offering a semi-permanent solution that’s both safe and highly effective.

Consultation and Assessment: It all begins with a personalized consultation. Our skilled aestheticians take the time to understand your unique preferences, facial features, and desired eyebrow shape. This assessment ensures that the Microblading process is tailored precisely to your needs.

Color Selection: We choose the perfect pigment color based on your skin tone and hair color, guaranteeing a harmonious and natural look.

Precision Microblading: The Microblading procedure is performed with expert precision. Using a handheld tool, our aesthetician meticulously applies hair-like strokes of pigment to fill in or enhance your eyebrows. This process results in brows that appear both realistic and perfectly defined.

Customization: We can customize the thickness and arch of your brows to ensure they complement your facial structure and fulfill your vision.

Top-Quality Products: We use only the highest quality pigments and adhere to industry standards, prioritizing your safety and satisfaction.

Healing and Touch-up: Aftercare instructions are provided, and a follow-up touch-up session is scheduled to ensure the longevity of your results.

Microblading service at Amita’s Xpress Spa is your gateway to perfectly shaped, low-maintenance brows that enhance your natural beauty. Trust our expertise and commitment to safety, and wake up every day with flawlessly framed, long-lasting eyebrows.

After Care

After your Microblading service at Amita’s Xpress Spa, proper aftercare is essential for maintaining the longevity and quality of your new eyebrows. For the first few days, keep the treated area dry and avoid exposure to excessive moisture. Apply the provided aftercare balm as instructed to aid in healing. Avoid sun exposure and sweating, which can affect the pigment retention. As your brows heal, they may scab or flake; refrain from picking or scratching the area. A follow-up touch-up appointment is recommended to perfect your results. Our experts will provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure the beautiful, long-lasting brows you desire.

All set to experience the transformation of perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows?

Say goodbye to daily makeup routines and hello to effortlessly stunning brows. Book your Microblading service in Rochester today, and let our expert aestheticians tailor your brows to perfection. Embrace the convenience and confidence of semi-permanent, flawlessly framed eyebrows. Don’t wait; book now to embark on your journey to long-lasting, beautiful brows. Your dream brows are just an appointment away.